Nilpho -Tracking Wearable

Nilpho is a security tracking device for all ages designed as an accessory aesthetic, The aim of the project was to design a wearable that looked like a fashion product, like a jewelry. The body, made of anodized polished aluminum, gives that touch and it complements with a silicone band and an ABS plastic lock. The design uses an innovative lock system that is easy to close in one step and when you push the side buttons it opens in two. The locking system that snaps ensures the strength and security in the use.

Nilpho offers calm and security to the user by location tracking for your safety or the safety of your loved ones, because of its range of different users it was designed from a simple form and with clear commands. The device features LED signals to indicate operation and one-touch activation system.

Nilpho comes in three sizes and the silicone band provides the fine adjustment to the wrist naturally. The charge is made through mini USB.