Guardian - Make Your Life Healthier

  • Role Industrial designer
  • For Net Architectures
  • Date 2015
  • Type wearable ,consumer electronic, wristband, smart
  • Status Prototyped
Guardian is a smart wearable wristband. It comes with a charging dock communicated via mini USB. Guardian is waterproof, ergonomic and cool to use. You can use it for sports or for your daily routines.

Guardian is a friend that takes care of you
It monitors your body and your business to make your life healthier.
It measures time, date, steps, movements, blood pressure, calories and then sends the info to your cell phone app. You can also use it to make calls, read e-mails and do a lot of fun things.
At demand
Guardian is made of a solid plastic body with a silicone band. It comes in three sizes and in different colors. The silicone band makes it hold tight on your wrist adapting naturally to it.